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Just who is VClean?

VClean is the revolution of the dry cleaning industry that's just arrived in the UK! Gone are the days of traditional, old- fashioned, expensive and toxic high street dry cleaners. How about dropping your dry cleaning off on the way to the tube, at the gym or at your place of work. Our VDrops are super easy to use. Simply sign up to use the service via our website and scan the QR code from your phone at the machine. Drop your clothes at off at the machine (bags provided) and await collection instructions 24 hours later! We are cheaper, more convenient and more environmentally friendly than any other high street dry cleaners. Fact! We have ambitious UK wide expansion plans, so watch this space!

Convenience, incredibly low pricing, and high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning. We have it all, and we are bringing it to you.

We are unbelievably excited to be on the cusp of launching our network of independent VDrop machines across London and the UK. Soon, you'll be able to conveniently drop off and pick up your laundry wherever it suits you.

As the UK's largest fully wet clean service we are delighted to pave the way to a cleaner, greener future. Stay tuned!


Not only do we want to clean your pockets, we want to line them too.

We have two simple prices for standard items; £2.50 a shirt and £3 for any other item*. As well as offering a better result than a conventional dry cleaning service, our prices make our VClean service a no-brainer.

We are revolutionising the dry cleaning industry in the UK. In the last decade alone, the cost of dry cleaning has unnecessarily skyrocketed to more than double the price. The average suit costs in excess of £15. We don’t agree with that. Our affordable service means that your suit will be less than half the cost at £6, with better results.


Say goodbye to long queues.

Gone are the days of begrudgingly driving to the dry cleaners on a Saturday. Say goodbye to the battle of parking half a mile from the shop as you drag your clothes to a packed dry cleaners. Trying not to breathe any of the nasty chemicals as you stand bored in the queue waiting to drop off your items. Only to repeat the process the very next week to collect.

Instead, you can simply rock up to one of our VDrop machines, flash your QR code and handle your laundry in under a minute. (In fact around 15 seconds if you are dropping off, and about 30 seconds to collect.) It is simple and straightforward. Moreover, there is the bonus of no offensive chemicals blocking your nostrils.


A cleaner, greener wash.

While “green cleaning” may be a new concept to many, it isn’t to us. We've been offering our environmentally friendly cleaning service for a while now. We have worked relentlessly to uncover the ultimate harmony between products and technology to deliver you unparalleled results.

Not only does VCleaning actually clean your clothes and leave them fantastically fresh smelling, but it also enhances the colour. Leaving you confident the quality of your garments will not be compromised. Unlike the damaging chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning.

Eco Friendly

User-Friendly VDrops

Our VDrops are what make the network possible. Intelligent, reliable, and exceptionally user-friendly. Just scan your QR code and pop your laundry in the machine. Like a vending machine, your clothes are taken away, cleaned, and returned, ready for collection, by one of our team. As it is a network, the machines will talk to each other.

What does that mean to you? Well, if you want to drop off your suit at the Underground but collect it at work the next day - no problem at all. Or maybe you want to leave your workout gear at the gym machine, and find a fresh shirt and suit waiting for you, which you'd dropped at your office machine - again, no problem!

You'll love the inbuilt tracking system. You can keep an eye on your garments every step of the way.

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