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The Champs Guide To Washing Your Workout Gear

Tuesday, 6th of February 2018. Pexels Photo 703009

When it comes to taking our fitness regime seriously, we all go on the same journey. We start at the all-the-gear-and-no-idea stage, until later on down the line when we start to find the best performance fabrics that suit our workouts. 

We perfect this task by fine-tuning the right combination of sweat-wicking, antimicrobial, compression, and ultraviolet protection factor fabrics that become an absolute necessity to our routine. But what do all these favoured garments have in common? They are high-maintenance. The longevity and performance of each article is completely dependant on how well you care for it when washing and drying.

It is a little-known fact that mixing your sportswear with your everyday laundry can have detrimental effects. Not only can this break down the expensive fabrics, but you can also damage the antimicrobial properties your garments are supposed to have, not to mention combining loads can cause the fibres to get clogged, so the wicking stops doing its job. Having all that sweat and grim gather in the threads from those hard-hitting workouts is probably not what you want.

Do you often find yourself pulling your clean gear out the wardrobe smelling like you’ve just finished a workout? Fear not. Our top tips will help you enhance the life of your gym kit, ensuring your garments are longer-lasting and left smelling fresh.

Get soiled items hung up as soon as possible. When to left to stew in their own juices, your gym wear will begin to deteriorate. As soon as is possible, get your items in the wash. If not feasible, at least leave them somewhere to air so that they can dry quicker, instead of being left screwed up in a damp pile.

Do you throw your muddy trainers in the drum after a dirty run? Try hand washing with an old toothbrush instead. The forceful cycle of a conventional washing machine can damage the cushioning and supportive structure of the shoe which not only ebbs into its lifespan but can also create the risk of injury. If you can, try using removable inserts for easy access. Alternatively, Febreeze can work a charm.

Never, ever, ever simply ‘air out’ undergarments and reuse. Just like your underwear, jockstraps and sports bras must be washed after every use. There is an unmentionable amount of dirt, salt, sweat, and bacteria that gathers when you train. When you leave these garments to dry in-between sessions, you are willingly letting this concoction percolate before putting it back against your skin. Both articles are usually made out of delicate fabrics, so we strongly recommend hand washing. Since high-performance sports bras and jockstraps are typically designed to wick sweat, they will air dry quickly after a wash, so you can use them again the following day.

Avoid dryer sheets like the plague. The microscopic fibres will find themselves trapped into the pores of your fabrics. Instead put the items in the drum individually and opt for a minimum heat setting.

Evaluate your gear. Sometimes - no matter how much your trusty vest has never let you down - it is time to say goodbye. Even if you kept your antimicrobial apparel in pristine condition, there would still be a point - after around 50 washes, or two years worth of wear, that the topical finishes applied to the fabric to stop it getting smelly will naturally start to fade. If you find this to be the case, replace it. The same applies to UPF wear: if you begin to notice yourself tanning underneath your garments, throw it away. Even with proper care, no garment lasts forever.

Feel free to take advantage of these tips to clean your sportswear at home, or even better why not save yourself the hassle and the money and have your clothes cleaned using our reliable VClean service. Even the most delicate of fabrics labelled ‘hand wash’ can benefit from our eco-cleaning service and be ready to wear the very next day. We will gently remove those nasty sweat particles, keeping the ingenuitive features of your performance gear intact. Sign up to VClean today to take advantage.