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VDrop's by VClean

The Revolution in dry cleaning has landed! Simply sign up for our service (takes less than a minute), scan your QR code from your phone at one of our convenient VDrop machines, drop off your dirty clothes in the chute, and we will let you know when your eco-cleaned clothes are ready for collection! What could be easier?

An Easy Solution

Our VDrop machines are so easy to use, simply scan your QR code from your phone, chuck your clothes down the chute (in a bag provided at the machine) and await email updates from us! Your clothes will be collected and sent to our eco cleaning facility to be washed and pressed, ready for collection back at the VDrop 24 hours later.

Easy Solution

What's Required?

All you need to use the service is a QR code, which you will receive once you have signed up (do this from our homepage), and a bag which will be provided at the machine! Simply scan, pop your clothes in the bag and put the bag down the chute - simple! We will do the rest.

Whats Required

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